“Harm to health”, scratch and win like smoke

By | August 6, 2018

Scratch & Win like cigarette smoke , “harms your health”. To say it is the decree Dignity just approved in the House and now waiting for the passage to the Senate. Studied as one of the measures studied by the government for the fight against cardiac disease, the new rule was introduced in the dl through article 9-bis.

The article provides that the coupons of instant lotteries contain warnings related to the risks associated with gambling. The messages, according to the decree, must be printed on both sides in order to cover at least 20% of the surface, with the words ” This game harms your health “. Article 9-bis is not limited to Scratch & Win: the application of warning formulas on the risk of dependence on the practice of games with cash winnings will also concern the so-called entertainment devices, namely slot machines and videolottery, as well as the areas and premises where they are installed.

PROTESTS OF TABACCAI – “With the approval of the decree Dignity, the government has shown to have a vision of the public game that more distant from reality could not be.I wonder how legal bans on the game can defeat the play, when instead who is really slave of the game has his own accomplice in the illegal channel “. These are the words of the national president of the Italian tabaccai federation, Giovanni Risso, who, following the approval of the House of dignity, has brought together the national junta to take stock of the situation and define the consequent measures.

“It is absolutely unreasonable – says Risso – to cover the Scratch and Win with alarmist writings, as is already the case with cigarettes, because it is clear to everyone that scratching a ticket every now and then certainly does not harm your health! that the purchase of only one Scratch card can lead to ludopathy, it is not so, because if a Scratch Card is harmful to health, so are a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. on the bottles? “.

“We are in the hunt for witches: the legal public game – Risso continues – has been exchanged by this government with illegal gambling, the one that reap victims.There are not that prohibitionist measures to pave the way for the crime that tomorrow it will take advantage of the absurd prohibitions posed by this provision “.

“The road to Prohibition undertaken – concludes the national president of Fit – will have no positive effect on public health, but rather will create unstoppable damage to the economy of the country, is that what the government wants?”.